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    No matter what you want to change about your life whether it be your career, your love life, your social life, your addictions, your weaknesses, your lifestyle Venus Cow will show you how.

  • Perfect Black Leggings

    The Venus Cow Made in England PBL, perfect black leggings promises no bagging, no muffin and no see through

    £25 - Buy now at VenusCow Store

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    Shirley's self help ebook, Help Work Yourself Out

    is now available for download on Kindle
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About Shirley

I am a social entrepreneur, lifeologist, ex Hollywood fashion stylist dedicated to helping revive British manufacturing, educating people on healthy lifestyle and producing quality staple ethical clothing for women and girls with real bodies.

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FREE Life Coaching

  • My Life

    Learn to understand your patterns habits and behaviour

    My Life
  • My Budget

    Money saving tips on charity shopping, swapping, eating out, holidaying and beauty

    My Budget
  • Life Coaching

    How to work yourself out by changing the way you think

    Life Coaching
  • Fashion Tips

    Insider Hollywood tips, tricks and advice for all your style and fashion dilemmas

    Fashion Tips
  • Health Tips

    Everything from menopause, weight loss, dieting, exercise, meditation, alternative medicine

    Health Tips

Perfect Black Leggings

  • Perfect Black Leggings

    Celebrity choice the PBL, (perfect black legging) is a well cut legging, made from the best quality cotton fabric (225g weight) dense in colour, designed to fit everyone, whatever size or age.

  • Navy Blue Legging

    Well cut legging, no muffin top, made from 195g (lighter weight than the PBL) high grade cotton fabric designed to fit everyone, whatever size or age. Now available in a beautiful rich navy blue for Spring 2014.

  • Black Leggings with Sequin Trim on Ankle

    Well cut legging, made from 195g high grade cotton fabric, designed to fit everyone, whatever size or age. The legging with sequin trim on the ankle gives a glamour, evening...

  • Venus Cow Collection

    Check out Venus Cow Collection...

Latest Blog Selection

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    How To Style Your Black Leggings

    1 Aug 2014

    Creating those black legging outfits from your winter wardrobe might be tricky if you�re not sure how to wear leggings or your old ones are shot, see through and go baggy at the knees...

  • Blog cover

    Venus Cow Goes On The Road To Living Live 2014

    17 Jun 2014

    It has been one hell of a year so far for The Venus Cow PBL and Made in England staple fashion collection, I don�t seemed to have stopped to breath. In my opinion the best way to touch all you fabulous fashionistas...

  • Blog cover

    Models Of Diversity present The Front Row

    8 May 2014

    Last Monday 28th April, Shirley was asked to join the panel for The Front Row live diversity debate organised by Angel Sinclair (centre) the founder of Models Of Diversity...

  • Blog cover

    Only The Addicted Can Cure Addiction

    13 Apr 2014

    It really saddens me, as a life coach, who spends endless hours helping the poor and addicted unravel demons and missed dreams to see the recent deaths of high profile...

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    Introducing the new line up of Awesome Cycles for 2013. We have brought more new bikes to our line up this year. Come and get them!

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The 2013 Nebula

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Perfection is in our nature.

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BMX is Back.

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