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Relationship Advice For Unhappy Men

Men are simple creatures with simple needs, like fuck me and feed me, so it is no wonder relationships and marriages are crumbling, when the women in their lives are expecting a perfect Prince to make it all better by changing, in order to hen peck them to death, with holding sex as the ultimate punishment.

This expectation of you, to be able to know what a woman is thinking without her communicating her needs and desires, is the reason most men fail to get the...

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Relationship Advice For Unhappy Men
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Help I have Moobs!

With over 80% of men secretly concerned about their unhealthy, overweight bodies right now, Venus Cow says, it’s not just women who are plagued by body hang-ups; men have secret concerns about their ever developing “Moobs” male boobs and over grown beer bellies.

The beer belly has been around forever and like women these days, men feel insecure and miserable when confronted with judgmental comments and remarks about their bodies....

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Help I have Moobs!
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