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Luxury Black Staples Pre loved - How You Can Shop Designer Brands
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Luxury Black Staples Pre loved - How You Can Shop Designer Brands
Venus Cow Admin / Thursday, September 13, 2018 / Categories: Styling and Shopping Advice

Luxury Black Staples Pre loved - How You Can Shop Designer Brands

Black has long been the colour synonymous with style, chic and all things glamour and sophistication. You do have to be a certain kind of woman to rock all black everything but we could all do with a few more preloved luxury black staples in our wardrobe when it comes to styling a look and convincing an onlooker you've spent a fortune.

Only the very rich can afford to have whatever they want when it comes to high end designer fashion. Vogue has long been the oracle of these fashion elite with the illusive, almost other worldly Anna Wintour at the top, a marketing machine funded by massive luxury brands with even more massive advertising budgets, to encourage us mere mortals who cannot afford the clothes to buy a lipstick instead. 

However with patience, a good eye and creating your own unique style (instead of being led by what's in fashion) we are here to smash the myth and tell you it is possible to have the very best on a budget.


Shopping preloved luxury is all about being open and curious to try something new. Don't think "secondhand rose", get excited about getting something normally so far out of reach. Shopping on a budget then becomes an exciting experience for smart fashionistas where you never quite know what you might find. It is easy to buy something preloved because it's just a great deal rather than a great deal for YOU so try to keep in mind what you are looking for before you head out to avoid being tempted by something you don't need or worse still that doesn't fit you.


It's great to find a brand you love, that suits your taste and style, and fits you well but never buy into the name alone even a pre loved bargain. Getting luxury designer brands cheap is unlikely. You will save money shopping pre loved but don't expect something really good for nothing as you'll probably be disappointed. Shirley genuinely loves the Balmain jacket (£2600 in leather) because the cut really suits her frame but this cut is not for everyone so our advice, try one on before you invest.  She has also proved, the Balmain inspired version (£150) looks almost identical on and people have actually mistaken it for the real thing so don't be conned into thinking if it's not the very best, it's no good.


Every girl needs one great coat and like a really good leather jacket on the High St you can expect to pay between £200 - £500 for an investment winter piece. You can find a preloved high designer piece in mint condition like Prada or Versace (click images to shop pre loved luxuxy) for the same price if you search hard and know where to look. Purchasing second hand leather jackets like lightly worn shoes, can be even nicer as it is likely already softer and more comfortable.


The beauty of luxury designer ready to wear, shoes and accessories are the small design details, the buttons, the lining, the hardware zips etc. the workmanship, not things you would necessarily notice individually but come together to make the piece look polished. However don't be misled into believing every piece of your outfit needs to be expensive, it doesn't. One expensive statement is often all you need to lift an otherwise ordinary outfit.


The sock boot has made a comeback this season which couldn't be more perfect when it comes to styling up your black leggings, although latest trends are the one thing it is difficult to find pre loved unless like Shirley you've been collecting for years and you have them from the last time they were in style. The luxury Stuart Weitzman offering the Rapture Bootie was £575 this season (£260 in their final sale updated Feb 19) so our advice is pick up this fashionable addition on a budget on the High St if you really want to try the look. Then be a style trailblazer with your pre loved designer luxury staple clothing and exercise your creativity; try a little recycled styling with something no one else will have and then watch everyone wanting to copy YOU.



Click images to shop pre loved second hand luxury designer fashion Rescue @venuscow online.


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