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Active Fashion - How To Style Your Black Leggings
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Active Fashion - How To Style Your Black Leggings
Venus Cow Admin / Friday, August 1, 2014 / Categories: Styling and Shopping Advice, Athleisure Style

Active Fashion - How To Style Your Black Leggings

Creating a great black legging outfits from your wardrobe might be tricky if you’re not sure what active fashion actually is, how you wear leggings if you are not exercising or going to the gym or your leggings are old ones you just wear at home that are shot, see through and go baggy at the knees. 

"Active Fashion" is clothing and styling that allows for an active healthy lifestyle, fashion that puts living/lifestyle and comfort ahead of a specific look or trend but is not pure performance clothing i.e. clothing specifically designed for working out. It is the new bridge between "Activewear" and "Contemporary" or "Casualwear". Styling active fashion crosses over, appropriate for light workouts, walking, yoga, meditation, dance but also appropriate for work (smart casual) and going out and the beauty of it, if you are healthy and in relatively good shape it works for all women regardless of age. No one is too old to style active fashion.

To create cute active fashion outfits with leggings you have to start with an amazing quality pair you cannot see through, fit you like a glove and make you feel fantastic, compact, comfortable and one dress size slimmer without any squashing or muffin top. I created the PBL perfect black leggings because I prefer comfort these days over being squeezed into tight fitting pants or jeans or struggling with poor quality leggings that show everything, the tragedy we all face once over a certain age.

Unsure what to wear with leggings? Or afraid to try Active Fashion Athleisure styling because you think you are too old? Think again. Building an active fashion legging outfit is easy if you follow these simple rules;

1. Start with basics, then once you've got the hang of it and more confidence, look at what you already have to add variety. Team a pair of great quality leggings with black boots, a long over the bottom jumper or top and some big bold jewellery pieces you love. Always consider your shape when you are thinking about building the perfect outfit, especially with leggings. If your legs are short, make them appear longer by wearing a high-waisted pair with a cropped jacket, accentuating your waistline and making your legs look longer.

2. Keep it simple and chic by investing in key pieces in solid colours easy for pairing. Always feel comfortable, buy affordable classic staples that will last and hold their shape, mix and match in colours, prints and fabrics with different textures for variety.

3. Clear out your closet donating good quality items unworn in the last 3 years to the charity shop, repair anything damaged you love and throw away anything faded or holey.

The Leicester Stylist, Shirley Yanez is a legging lover, an advanced fashionista not afraid to take risks. In her active fashion outfits, the perfect black legging is the centre of attention and always steal the show.

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