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Female Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019
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Female Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019
Venus Cow Admin / Friday, August 30, 2019 / Categories: VC News

Female Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019


Thank you to East Midlands Business Awards and the team for nominating Shirley for Outstanding Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2019, the winner to be announced at their awards Gala at Colwick Hall in Nottingham, 11th Oct, 2019

And remember it's not about who wins, there can only ever be one winner but word up someone somewhere took the time to nominate and that made us all feel good.


Shirley Yanez Free Talk Therapist
Event The Belmont Hotel Leicester

Shirley's new book was celebrated this month, The Mind Detective published Austin Macauley 15th August, 2019 with a free event at the Belmont Hotel Leicester where Shirley dropped the bombshell she was Dyslexic and had struggled with her literacy throughout her school days, leaving without any formal qualifications.

She showed great courage when she told her audience on camera that even when she was appointed Managing Director of a large UK recruitment company in the 1980's no one knew she couldn't read or write.

Catch up and watch the whole free talk therapy presentation on You Tube

If you would like to find out what's next for Shirley (why not follow her personal account on Twitter) and for Venus Cow latest news sign up for our newsletter. Her annual fashion giveaway is happening now. Venus Cow gratitude giveback code is usually only valid for Venus Cows but in celebration of the Mind Dectective release Shirley has decided for one week only to extend this to everyone. This is a limited time offer so make sure you don't miss out.




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