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Looking For Better Quality Black Leggings?
Venus Cow Admin / Friday, September 6, 2013 / Categories: News, VC News

Looking For Better Quality Black Leggings?

asks Gemma Peplow with Sky News

Then look no further.

I had a clear out the other day in my garage where some old boxes had been shoved in a corner still left to unpack from my last house move, yes even centred life coaches have bad habits and came across eight pairs of discarded black leggings. I was so shocked at the poor quality of the fabric and was immediately reminded why I designed the PBL. After losing everything, the story told by Sally Bowman a BBC producer for Inside Out one legging found in a London charity shop was central to my styling survival. How to get press for a new brand is the 10,000 dollar question for every brand builder and like most things, going around the outside is usually the only way to get something done without a big marketing budget to pay a swanky PR agency.

In my quest to revive ethical fashion manufacturing in my home town of Leicester, UK I have delivered my PBL to the rest of the world for all to enjoy and rave about. I know there are millions of women and girls out there, especially the bigger sizes who spend their lives on an endless quest to find plus size leggings heaven. I have managed over time to build a loyal customer base who swear by my amazing luxury cotton leggings kindly posting pictures online and telling all their friends and families about the best quality black leggings.

You'd think it would be easy getting press for an ethically sourced and manufactured wonderful product made in the UK, truly the best black leggings with a black leggings round up in every national newspaper and glossy magazine appearing week in week out. Not. When you actually take a closer look, it's always the same well known names, Lululemon, Sweaty Betty featured because when you read the small print the brands pay affiliate commisions to the publications for click throughs, basically paid promotion guised as black leggings editors picks. I saw one just the other day written by fashion writer Sophie Cockett for Glamour UK.

So I was delighted when Sky News Gemma Peplow  and Darshna Soni for Channel 4 news interviewed me about Venus Cow and the PBL.

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