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One Garment No Woman Can Do Without – The PBL!
Venus Cow Admin / Wednesday, October 9, 2013 / Categories: VC News, PBL Reviews

One Garment No Woman Can Do Without – The PBL!

That's perfect black leggings

How many black leggings made in Britain, actually only a handful. How many black leggings made in UK from British textiles, knitted in the UK? We couldn't find another. How many black leggings are made from the finest cotton jersey custom knitted by experts to deliver exactly what stylish women want, no muffin top, no bag, no sag, no see through black leggings. As far as we know, there's only one perfect black legging.

Karen Dench, former editor of Leicestershire’s premier lifestyle magazine Beacon tries out the PBL, hailed by a small group of trailblazers, the VC Angels, (with their own hashtag #vcangel no less) as the worlds best black leggings.

Here’s what she has to say.

"One garment no woman can do without – the PBL!

Right ladies be honest, how many of us have countless pairs of black leggings tucked away at the back of our cupboards that don’t quite hit the mark? Whether they’re ‘greying’ not so gracefully, sagging in all the wrong places, or generally lacking in support – often they can be guilty of being down right ill-fitting. But fear not – Venus Cow has come to our rescue with their locally manufactured range of the PBL! (Perfect black legging) And definitely not see through"

Karen Dench a senior account manager with Greenshires Group, a printing and branding design house with sustainablity at the heart of all they do.

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