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Sinitta Malone Gives The PBL Her Thumbs Up
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Sinitta Malone Gives The PBL Her Thumbs Up
Venus Cow Admin / Thursday, October 9, 2014 / Categories: News, Celebrity Style

Sinitta Malone Gives The PBL Her Thumbs Up

I am very wary about asking a celebrity to endorse The PBL perfect black legging because I think it is so cheesy and fake when you see someone famous saying they love something, when you know full well they would not be seen dead in it. A prime example of this is Holly Willoughby wearing M&S who pay her handsomely to rave about their collections, at the same time give her massive exposure for her own collection at Very etc. things she is also endorsing at the same time. We all know Holly Willoughby is not an M&S or Very customer.

It is so hard to get the word out there about your product without gimmicky or fake PR and when you truly believe in it, it makes it even harder, so coming up with ideas and ways to spread the word, needs faith in what you are selling to do this job for you. I sent a pair of my leggings to Sinitta recently because I think she is the perfect Venus Cow, (beautiful woman) known for her inspirational work with young people and I knew she would love them and look amazing in them. I did not ask for anything in my note, just that she wear them and give me her honest feedback. This week I got her feedback and she said "I absolutely adored the leggings"

Sinitta has her second pair now and she sent in this amazing photo wearing the PBL. Every pair I sell helps fund free talk therapy for people who really need it but cannot afford it like the homeless and addicted.

Thank you Sinitta!!!!!!

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