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Slimming Pants
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Slimming Pants
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Style Tips, Fashion Confidence

Slimming Pants

Do slimming pants work?

When someone like Nicole Kidman slips on a pair of slimming pants for the Oscars chances are it is because her dress is so figure hugging even she has the potential for a muffin top catastrophe after fasting for two days prior to the big event.

As far as real women are concerned, my good style advice, the pain is just not worth the gain.

Gok Wan tells us we all "look good naked" but do we believe him when he then pops us in slimming pants and shapewear to style us up on TV?

Beware, the fat has to go somewhere. 

The reality is, you might achieve a temporary solution to looking slimmer in the moment but if something doesn't ping or pop out at an inopportune moment, you will definitely die of embarrassment later in the bedroom.

It is impossible to dress "an apple" because without a waist nothing will look good. Baggy clothes, that are too big, will just make you look fatter not fabulous.

The truth is when it comes to creating the perfect mannequin we cannot have our cake and eat it.

If fashion is your passion and you are sick of trying to fit into your best frock without success, hang it on your wardrobe door and take up exercise. If you cannot do this, our top slimming pant tip is as follows.

If you don't want to let it all hang out and fifty sit ups a day is out of the question always carry a spare pair of sexy knickers to change into just in case you get lucky. Slimmimg pants are impossible to peel off at the best of times so make sure you don't have too many cocktails before you attempt to make the switch.

Love it or lose it.

Photo by: Patrick Kool Unsplash

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