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The Pre Loved Designer Sale Of The Decade

The Pre Loved Designer Sale Of The Decade

When Shirley Yanez created her PBL, perfect black leggings and T it was with one simple styling mission, to create an affordable blank canvas for active fashion conscious, busy women like her who love quality but who is the Leicester stylist?  This ethical fashion CEO makes it possible to have stand out street style and to shop on a budget, to style any item in your wardrobe and make it pop, (what you put underneath can completely ruin even the best of couture)  Shirley needed an affordable luxury base layer herself for quick and easy styling of unique, fabulous looks every time and that's how the PBL came about.

Fashion stylist Shirley has long loved shopping for beautiful clothes and as a City of London self made millionaire she was fortunate that budget back then wasn't an issue however when she lost her fortune in the stock market crash of 2000 and was forced to return to Leicester from her glamourous life in Los Angeles, her whole ethos and the way she thought about fashion and shopping for it, changed for good.


Shirley as a successful business women and then self made millionaire had spent 25 years buying and collecting clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery. Over the last 10 years after losing all her money and rebuilding her life and her business back in Leicester she has added to her extensive wardrobe purchasing an enviable collection of designer, couture and vintage pieces, shopping on a budget from charity shops and other recycled sources, all of which she fell in love with and easy to wear with her Venus Cow staple clothing collection.

Caring more about the planet these days and a sustainable future for everyone she wants to encourage women to move away from "Fast Fashion" and towards enjoying, appreciating and wearing the best, the quality clothes she loves but at a much more affordable price. 

So now she is giving you all the opportunity to have a look in her closet and have a SHOP online. Luxury designer brands from all over the world, beautiful pieces many with tags still on, all individual, some made last year, some made 40 years ago, some purchased last year, some purchased 40 years ago, some purchased for celebrities, some for photo shoots, some for TV styling or her live interactive show The Hollywood Look For Less, all share one thing in common, they were all hand picked by Shirley.



Shirley's dream is to see Leicester back on top for clothing manufacturing, "Leicester Clothes The World" was the strap for the city in its hey day and all women, moving towards "Slow Fashion" the popular phrase that represents ethically produced, higher quality, more sustainable new garments. She wants everyone to start getting excited about the amazing pieces out there, pre loved and second hand luxury brands, available for a great price and ready for a new home.


To achieve this lofty goal she is sharing her amazing wardrobe of one off designer pieces, a collection we believe is possibly the best in the UK which includes her beloved design houses of Balmain, Chanel, Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Moschino, Dolce and Gabbana, Armani Collection, Emporio Armani and many, many more. If you want to be the first to preview new pieces as they are added you can here (things don't hang around for long) or to register online for updates sign up here.

As an ex Hollywood fashion stylist Shirley appreciates the problems many women face when putting together complete looks, it doesn't come easily to us all, so she has opened a physical styling studio, a creative space in her home town of Leicester, UK where she gives hands on styling help and offers personal celebrity styling by appointment. She also regularly updates her styling on a budget site The Hollywood Look For Less where you'll find health, beauty and lifestyle tips and tricks.

Step into a fashion styling haven where everything is hand selected for you to practise styling athleisure looks and with active fashion, style up your PBL and T, shop on a budget and all with the help of a pro. Rescue Luxury normally open Wednesday - Saturday, 11am to 4pm and our styling service is free to Venus Cow customers. (currently closed because of lockdown 2020)

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