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Venus Cow Press Release
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Venus Cow Press Release
Venus Cow Admin / Wednesday, December 4, 2013 / Categories: News

Venus Cow Press Release

What came first the leggings or the coaching?

For Immediate Release


For more information:

Contact: Holly Hollingworth

Email: hello@venuscow.com




The Venus Cow PBL, Perfect Black Leggings Launch, Clothes Show Live Dec 6th-10th, 2013


Venus Cow perfect black leggings road test has just been done by top Clothes Show blogger Frances Payne.

The Venus Cow perfect black legging was designed by social entrepreneur and lifeologist Shirley Yanez to help women everywhere overcome all those negative attributes, like bagging, see through, poor quality textiles, bad sizing, Made in Asia cheap disposable fashion  on the high street.


What girl doesn’t need a pair of good black leggings?


Shirley Yanez, 57 has been offering free life coaching to the homeless, addicted and those who cannot get help within the system through her street clinic, since 2005 after her own experience of losing it all and homelessness. The work load has increased dramatically during these hard times so she needed to find a way to fund more of her important work.

“Many normal people like you and me are finding themselves in debt, drinking too much alcohol, struggling with weight issues, shopping addiction and generally finding ways to get through life.” says Yanez. “I believe this has a lot to do with living in an unethical world where people care more about money than good quality, useful, Made in the UK products and services just like I used to.”

This social enterprise and business has been established with a private small investment and no high profile media backing. The product stands alone as it begins to sell globally via word of mouth only. A new kind of business that doesn’t pay celebrities to endorse, doesn’t rely on high overheads and every pair sold, some of the money going towards creating a life coaching academy where people can overcome status anxiety and addiction for free.

“My dream was to design a lifestyle collection of stylish Made in England staples to fill the gap for all those women looking for ethical and sustainable forgotten by the high st. and high end designers. This dream is topped off by my dream to exhibit at The Clothes Show and my ultimate dream is to make enough money to build the academy.” Says Yanez







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