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Who's Black Leggings Are Actually Perfect
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Who's Black Leggings Are Actually Perfect
Venus Cow Admin / Friday, July 5, 2013 / Categories: VC News, Shopping

Who's Black Leggings Are Actually Perfect

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to design the PBL perfect black legging Made In England  for real women everywhere because helping save and promote UK manufacturing and working hard to stop the exploitation of labour in Leicester Dark Factories fills me with joy, excitement and passion. Sadly many Leicester factories see £5.00 per hour as a top wage.

As a country we are known for producing real quality, so finding an ethical family run factory to help me in Leicester was critical. My goal, to produce hand finished black leggings made from the highest grade cotton and elastane available knitted locally here in the Midlands without exploitation. I wanted leggings for myself that have a real feel of comfortable couture quality at an affordable price but no one was making what I was looking for in terms of fit, stretch, comfort or non see through leggings.

It makes me really sick to see all the High Street stores filled with throw away disposable Made in China cheap fashion that is not sized correctly, raved about by the media and magazines in order to con the consumer and encourage shopaholic unethical behaviour, buy it, wear it, throw it, buy it, wear it, throw it without a second thought for the people being exploited to make the clothes or climate change for which Fast Fashion is the second largest threat. 

How many times have you purchased a pair of cheap black leggings then got them home to find out you can see your bum through them? I have had this happen so much it drove me insane and in reality has cost me a fortune but now help is at hand as one good quality PBL is all I need.

I am confident you will fall in love with my PBL, perfect black leggings and the other staple pieces I have added to the Venus Cow Brand, the perfect black vest, the perfect black T shirt and feels like nothing bra top because I have created exactly what I would want for myself, affordable luxury and British quality speaks for itself. I am very proud to say I believe in transparent production, have been in business since 2011 and I still receive less than 1% returns on my leggings an unheard of statistic for online retail.

Photo by: Keenan Constance Unsplash

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