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Who's Looking For Better Quality Black Leggings?
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Who's Looking For Better Quality Black Leggings?
Venus Cow Admin / Friday, September 6, 2013 / Categories: News, In the archive

Who's Looking For Better Quality Black Leggings?

asks Gemma Peplow with Sky News

Then look no further.

I had a clear out the other day in my garage where some old boxes had been shoved in a corner still left to unpack from my last house move, yes even centred life coaches have bad habits and came across eight pairs of discarded black leggings. I was so shocked at the poor quality of the fabric and was immediately reminded why I designed the PBL. After losing everything one legging found in a London charity shop was central to my styling survival.

I am now bringing my PBL to the rest of the world for all to enjoy and rave about. I know there are millions of women and girls out there, especially the bigger sizes who spend their lives on an endless quest to find legging heaven and to all those of you listening, you have just found it. Welcome.

I was delighted when Sky News Gemma Peplow interviewed me about Venus Cow and the PBL.

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