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Beauty Is A Gift Not A Face Lift
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Beauty Is A Gift Not A Face Lift
Venus Cow Admin / Tuesday, April 21, 2015 / Categories: My Budget, Beauty, Free Tips That Work

Beauty Is A Gift Not A Face Lift

We are currently living in a society where who we are, is judged by the way we look. I am approaching 60 and like everyone else I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and struggle to not find fault but I always console myself by recognising the lines on my face have come from living a happy life.

I often pinch the side of my cheeks and tighten my face just to see what I would look like if I was stupid and vain enough to waste money I haven’t got making a plastic surgeon richer than they already are.

Harley Street in London was once a place where you could find the very best surgeons and doctors in the world whose passion and dedication was all geared to saving lives. These days it is filled with Botox and filler practitioners  and cosmetic surgeons.

So what is all this about? Why do we crave eternal youth and what are we all buying into?

When I look at people like, Mickey Rourke, Sharon Osbourne, Tulisa, Sylvester Stallone all people with more money than sense in my opinion it is difficult to understand why they are not happy with who they are. Looking like a wielder beast and paying thousands in the process makes absolutely no sense and proves that we don’t see ourselves the way we actually are. Let’s face it in 91/2 weeks (the movie) Mickey Rourke was the sexiest man alive so it is hard to understand what possessed him to create the look he currently has.

I am opting for “au natural” and I am dedicated to growing old gracefully (like Paul Newman) because you cannot buy experience or wisdom; that comes from learning to love yourself for who you are. Of course we are all a little bit vain so I do maintain what I have and obviously make the most of what is available without sticking botulism, poison and sharp instruments into my body.

Here are my top straight from LA tips for anyone like me preferring to age gracefully without botox or surgery, ways you can improve the way you look even if you don’t have very much money. 

The only down side to my regime is it takes some work, dedication and desire.

1.       Every morning when you wake up give your face a daily workout by rubbing an ice cube across your skin, plumping up the muscles and tightening those loose jowls. This is not a new phenomenon, Paul Newman did it every day too apparently and look how hot he was.

2.       Drink a large glass of pink grapefruit juice or eat one as soon as you wake up after your facial workout.

3.       Set your alarm an hour earlier in the morning, put on some training shoes and joggers or your  leggings and go for a walk in the fresh air. This time should be spent thinking about nothing, just clearing your mind and observing nature.

4.       For breakfast, before you start your day have some wholemeal toast with half an avocado spread on it, a poached egg and a sprinkle of chilli. This is all protein so you will find you will not feel hungry until lunchtime.

5.       Give up alcohol for a month. It is not that long to get results you will see in the way you feel and the way you look.

Just by implementing these five steps; the results will be enough motivation to set you on your way to discovering your inner beauty too and when you start to shine from within you'll start to understand the real power of "natural beauty".

Photo by: Oz Seyrek

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