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Porn Education Cures Addictive Masturbation

I am horrified to see the facts around porn addiction and young men in today's web and technology culture, where few communicate face to face, many cannot spell because of texting and most get there unlimited sexual fantasies on-line. Internet porn is where our young men are learning to dominate sexually and our young women are being subjected to humiliation as a result. If you can imagine when a young male, already dealing with testosterone issues, is learning life...

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Life After Social Media?

I am really worried about young people right now who are subjected to the massive pitfalls of having their every move played out on the internet, in order to be popular and liked by complete strangers, often disguised as wolves in sheep’s clothing.  When I read almost every day in the media, stories about teenagers hanging themselves because they are victims of cyber bulling, it makes my blood boil and my fighting back spirit...

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