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Life After Social Media?
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Venus Cow Admin / Sunday, September 22, 2013 / Categories: Parenting, Life Coaching

Life After Social Media?

I am really worried about young people right now who are subjected to the massive pitfalls of having their every move played out on the internet, in order to be popular and liked by complete strangers, often disguised as wolves in sheep’s clothing.  When I read almost every day in the media, stories about teenagers hanging themselves because they are victims of cyber bulling, it makes my blood boil and my fighting back spirit rear.

I often get the chance through my free coaching to give talks and mentoring workshops to teenagers about confidence building and how to climb the ladder to a successful, happy adult life and often I am astounded at how much time they spend worrying about what others think of them.  It is common sense to agree that if you spend your life worrying about others, you will ultimately forget who you really are and what you really need to blossom.

If young people are to become grounded, positive happy adults, they have to be able to live and flourish in the real world, spending as little time as possible on the net, blowing a trumpet of who they wish they could be in real life, if only. I have studied the world of social networking and it is great for building a brand and a following but if you are hoping to be spotted and elevated because 10,000 people say they like you, when they don’t even know you, you will be disappointed.

Everyone is out to talk about themselves, indulge in narcissistic selfies and criticize every personal imperfection that does not, in their over inflated opinion, suit them. When young boys are learning about sex from paid porn stars who make making love, look more like a free for all where anything goes and no one ever complains.

In this behaviour both sexes are unimpressed with normal breasts which, unlike porn stars' silicone-boosted chests are inferior and then all of a sudden the need for surgery becomes an obsessive need for the girl and an essential attribute for the boys pleasure.

Young women need to understand what they have is very sought after by the opposite sex, regardless of looking like Jordon or not, so keep on your knickers girls, say no thanks and switch off your phone. The excitement for a male is always in the chase and not the conquering, so always stand still in a river and let the idiots float by because you’re too busy enjoying yourself.

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