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Grey Is For The Days We Must Try Harder
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Grey Is For The Days We Must Try Harder
Venus Cow Admin / Friday, September 20, 2013 / Categories: Positive Thinking, Personal Development

Grey Is For The Days We Must Try Harder

says The Mind Detective

So yesterday was one of those dull, dark, grey days, that keeps you locked up indoors with cabin fever going stir crazy, fighting off the feelings of depression and wishing you could just book a one way flight to paradise. Even I admit to feeling a little low energy yesterday but I put that down to missing my five mile daily walk in the countryside because the sky opened up and the rain poured.

I really work hard on days like these because I truly hate to see everyone loaded down with worry, stress and desperate to slip into the dangerous world of comfort eating, indulgence and boozing to block it all out. I made a point to visit someone in place of my daily exercise. I knew with grey skies she would be climbing the walls and tempted to return to the vodka bottle. And I arrived just in the nick of time.

Getting someone to refocus on sunshine and yellow happiness, when the grey day is a blanket to hide under is not easy but we went to the local garden centre for a mint tea and a chat, which turned out to be a miracle. The owner of the coffee shop had the biggest smile permanently on her face and was dressed all in yellow plus the place had been decorated in a sky blue colour a big mural resembling the seaside. The lady I've been working on with talk therapy perked up when the coffee shop owner paid her an unexpected compliment. The compliment was not significant, I cannot even remember what it was, it was the random act of kindness that helped make the shift in her mood.

Sometimes just a change of scene can be all it takes to snap you out of it and stop bad habits taking you down to the depths of despair. Next time you wake up to a grey day have a plan of action already in place. Get out and find somewhere alive and happening to hang out, even if it's by yourself. Go somewhere visually stimulating you've never been before and soak up your surroundings, a local cafe with a great playlist or a local pub with a quiz night. Better to be a joiner in than moping around at home.

I lifecoach a lot of people and the common denominator when anyone starts working with me is the expectation people have of me, giving my time for free. I make it very clear in the beginning the client is the one who must do all the work. Talk therapy is not a walk in the park and people struggling with their mental health are rarely pleasant people to be around, they take more than they give and they tend to lie a lot, some of the reasons they are miserable, often addicted and need help in the first place.

If you want to experience feeling of happiness remember the universe likes givers more than takers, people who actually contribute something positive to life.

I ended my grey day with a call from BBC radio Leicester where I contribute and share my mental health tips and tricks regularly. I had fun and it made me happy helping the callers with their issues and dilemmas, sharing my talent, my gift. The one thing I can promise you when it comes to stopping yourself spiralling down, catch yourself with the knowing you have no idea what amazing things are in store and coming for you just around the corner.

Photo by: Andriyko Podilnyk Unsplash

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