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Dress To Impress
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Dress To Impress
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Styling and Shopping Advice, Style Tips, Fashion Confidence, My Style

Dress To Impress

Venus Cow says, "You are what you wear."

If you have got to the point where making an effort to face the world is a thing of your distant past it is time you had a much needed kick up the bum.

It's important to always try and look your best, whatever you are doing. You never know who you might bump into.

Confidence comes not from caring what others may think of you. That's not the reason to make an effort. Your style or fashion confidence resides in the act of making the effort. We all die but not all of us live so every time you step outside your front door make sure you look your best for less. Just imagine you went to your local supermarket in your baggy tracksuit, no make-up, hair in a pony tail only to find Brad Pitt in the vegetable aisle.

Venus Cow says, "When preparation meets opportunity you get lucky."

Making an effort by washing your hair or popping on some lipstick costs nothing but time and will lift your mood making you want to look good in your clothes, thus encouraging you to venture into your over filled closet instead of just throwing on what you wore yesterday.

Your clothes are no good to you if they remain in the wardrobe so don't keep things just for best, when you have somewhere special to go, dress every day for the drama of your life. If you have no drama getting a bit dressed up may just give you some.

Photo by: Vitaliy Zalishchyker

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