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Fab Over Fifty
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Fab Over Fifty
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: For Older women

Fab Over Fifty

Venus Cow says, "Age is just a number."

But is your number up?

It is a sad state of affairs when a woman is on the heap at 50. It seems the whole world has gone completely mad and fashion companies are in need of a reality check. Mature women have all the disposable income and would spend more of it if the fear of "Mutton dressed as lamb" vanished completely.

The truth is most women in middle age have lost their confidence and their ability to remain young, free and fabulous. By the time we reach middle age we should know who we are, what we like and understand no one is in charge except ourselves. Yet for most this is just not the case, is it ladies? We still want to look and feel amazing exactly as we did when younger, however somewhere along the way we lose our will and thus lose our way.

Rule number one. Take no notice of the media. What do they know anyway? Most of them are men. Start to recognise you hold the key to your success, even more so if you have made it to fifty and you are still sane.

Start by throwing away all those vest tops, upper arms and elbows (like knees) at fifty no matter how young you feel or what great shape you are in are not at their best. Shorts, mini skirts and dated white linen pants need to be replaced with much younger styling like leggings. Flat shoes give you thick ankles so some heels are critical. 

Looking and feeling good after 50 comes from taking greater care of yourself. Letting it all go to pot is just not the answer. Take some risks with these top tips. Grow your hair longer, get rid of the grey, use body lotion, make up and experiment with things you know nothing about, maybe eyelash curlers or contouring. Don't care what you think others are thinking because chances are they will think you look amazing.

Venus Cow says, "Life is short so live it."

Photo by: Jez Timms

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