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Forever Young Budget Lifestyle Expert
Venus Cow Admin / Monday, November 28, 2011 / Categories: News, VC News, On A Budget, Lifestyle Choices

Forever Young Budget Lifestyle Expert

Launches Hollywood Look For Less Website

Woman all over the globe have been suffering in silence, stuck in a rut, desperate to be heard and valued by their husbands, children, bosses and the High Street. Now they have the opportunity to take control of their lives with the help of a news and lifestyle website. TheVenus Cow brand signifies the youthful fresh desirable girl lost inside all of us bursting to get out.

The Hollywood Look For Less, a live styling show, developed by entrepreneur, lifestyle expert and lifecoach, Shirley Yanez to help women achieve a glamourous Hollywood look on a budget came from years contributing to health and wellness magazines on lifestyle. She pitched the exciting new concept to Butlins in 2008  a live fashion and styling show full of Hollywood Tips she performed for two years using a collection of clothes sourced from car boot sales and charity shops when times were very tough and then on P and O cruises sailing around the Carribean. Anything is possible.

“I wanted to find a way to share my insight, knowledge and experience, for free with women everywhere and provide them with the tools they need to be fabulous from the inside out without it costing anything but their time.” says Shirley, who at 64 is now in the best physical and mental shape of her life thanks to her own lifestyle plan. Shirley practises what she preaches and despite her new found success as a social entrepreneur reviving British textiles and UK manufacturing, maintains her budget lifestyle for real.

Shirley says “Changing the way you look at things, i.e. Why you eat too much, drink too much, shop too much, helps you get to know the invisible you, the person you no longer recognise and is the key to successfully reaching your goals.”

So no matter what you want to achieve, be it losing weight, giving up alcohol, smoking, changing your job, building confidence, through common sense and dedication Shirley has proved her methods coming back from homelessness to build a new kind of business. Why not join the growing number of women starting their journey to becoming the very best version of themselves. Head over to Venus Cow Tips and commit to reading a short 5 minute post every day.

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