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Free Fashion
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: On A Budget, Swapping

Free Fashion

"Swapping is the new shopping."

Transfering our mind set from shopping to swapping is not going to be easy but is going to be worth it, living a greener lifestyle has all kinds of advantages. Imagine all those things in your closet, still with the tickets on, never been worn or do not fit you and turning them into your currency for swapping.

The first thing to do when it comes to giving away your much loved treasures is to learn how to detach from the stuff, forgeting how much you paid for it. By doing this you will soon realise just how ridiculous your shopaholic behaviour really is. Once you have mastered detaching you will be able to get a mood boost by swapping your stuff with friends and their friends based on what you really like and not your perceived value of the mistake. Clothes are attractive when they are new to you, not just new. Think how many times you've seen a friend wearing something and gone out and bought it yourself. Now think had she been willing to swap with you for something else.

Invite some of your friends round for a swap party evening and have some fun with your free fashion, ending up with a brand new look without spending a penny. Find out more about swap parties near you and how to host one at Rehash. Rescue Luxury, based in Leicestershire, UK sells recycled high end/couture fashion and styling but also offers swapping if you've got something really fabulous and need a credit crunch fashion fix.

You can also find swapping on the top 5 swap sites for Gumtree, Vinted, Depop, Craigslist  and Freecycle.

Photo by: Katarzyna Grabowska

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