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Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Styling and Shopping Advice, Style Tips, For Older women


I used to be fantastic and then I hit 40

  • Ask yourself this question. Do you want to be frumpy or fantastic?

 “Of course it's a no brainer. It is possible to be forty and fantastic, even fifty and fantastic.”

If you feel fat, frumpy, frustrated, forgotten, even dull, plain, unfashionable, lost inside unflattering clothes, the journey to destination fantastic is possible but not easy. To be fantastic you have to recognise, then admit you have let yourself go. You've given up making an effort in not just the way you look but how you feel as well.

“Poor cow.”

Now think about what perks you up when you feel down. Chances are it will include chocolate, wine or food. All things to lift our mood. The problem with these foods and their addictive comfort blankets, you end up never feeling happy and just keep on getting fatter.

By changing the type of food you use to lift your mood you will be on your way to making the effort to change your life.

Does listening to the experts help?

 “Come on the worlds full of them and yet we are all still struggling to be incredible past a certain point"

Gok tells us we look good naked but then puts us in slimming pants when he tries to style us.

“The truth is the fat has to go somewhere.”

When we go shopping to buy something to wear to lift our mood we end up surrounded by perfect size 10 mannequins styled head to foot in hip trendy looks, a middle aged woman’s worst nightmare.

“Being fantastic begins by banishing all the brain washing.”

The truth is to get the on trend look to look good in middle age, we have to start off in good shape. Baggy clothes to cover up and disguise the problems, aren’t fooling anyone and need to be a thing of your past. Start off by dressing younger, let your hair grow longer, wear make up, high heels, a shorter tighter skirt and don’t give a damn about mutton dressed as lamb.

When your body looks good, your clothes will look great. If you look great you will feel good. If you feel good your life will be fantastic.

Photo by: Philipp Sewing Unsplash


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