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Help Work Yourself Out
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Help Work Yourself Out
Venus Cow Admin / Thursday, July 4, 2013 / Categories: VC News

Help Work Yourself Out

The Key To Any Change in Lifestyle and The Cure To Depression Are In The Mind


Today as a society, we are bombarded with quick fix solutions and scientific health information based on research studies that tell us what we must do in order to make change in our unhealthy lifestyles.

One day we are told, don't eat salt it is bad for you, the next day we are told by a fast food chain, enjoy this delicious burger with fries and supper size for a bargain price because you deserve it. The next minute we are told to eat avocado and walnuts by the scientists because they lower cholesterol and are good for your heart, yet in the same day we can read an article about dieting that avocado and walnuts are highly calorific and fattening foods to be avoided at all costs.

These conflicting messages between scientific facts and big brand marketing campaigns are the reason why many people fail when it comes to planning a healthy lifestyle in order to lose weight and feel happy. This constant yoyo failure creates a deep feeling of depression as no one is able to reap the rewards and benefits of health and happiness when at every corner they are forced to fail.

It is a fact that certain foods affect your moods and we are what we eat. As a life coach and someone who for many years battled with addiction, depression and an inability to change deep routed behavior patterns and thought processes, I now have a solid understanding of what is required by the individual and the information needed to provide the necessary tools and steps towards personal perfection.

In 2005 I had a near death experience due to ill health, after 5 years of stressful recovery from losing millions on the stock market and finding myself, unhealthy, unhappy, homeless and penniless. In middle age I had never really thought about how important my health was and had spent many years smoking, eating the wrong foods at the wrong times, shopping and not energising or exercising any spiritual beliefs or mantras.

This combination of carefree, "I am invincible" bad habits almost led me to my grave even though I too had a yoyo existence of often trying to diet, give up boozing, quit smoking, my mind knew these addictions were bad for me but my unconscious desire always knew I would return, I could never beat myself and work myself out.

This is my new book and will help you how to work yourself out, whether you want to lose weight, give up smoking, change jobs, leave a bad relationship, find a life partner or just be happy, the key to any success is to recognize without pain there is no gain.

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