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Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Wellbeing


The word love has many different meanings and connotations

Venus Cow says, "What is love?"

It is a very interesting question to pose to yourself. Is it a feeling? Is it a gift? Is it something you give? Or is it something you receive? Is it something you need? Or just something you desire? And if it's something you desire, why not just give it to yourself?

The moment we think we want to believe in something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it, and become blind to the arguments against it. Sometimes we let love blind us and other times we let it help us to see.

We say to our child we love them. We say to our family we love them. We say to our best friend we love them and we even say we love our job, so how can this one word be used, in so many different ways, to describe so many different feelings?

The word love is one of the most over used words in the world. It is so powerful in relationships it represents and creates a pre concieved personal attachment of strong affection but is also central to a variety of different emotions, including kindness, friendship and compassion. Love's diversity of meaning makes it almost impossible to define and has almost become a word we mix up with desire, lust and pleasure.

Venus Cow says, "Take a leaf out of the Chinese book of love rules and just say I like you, at least we can define what like means, much more playful and less serious."

It is important to remember we all want to be loved by our friends, family and potential life mate but we must not pretend love is all we need as the Beatles once said. Love is just a word. Unconditional actions always speak louder than words, so if you want to show someone how much you really think of them, do something nice and kind for them, expecting nothing in return.

Go to your journal and write a list of all the things you love about your boyfriend, lover, wife, husband and then all the things you hate about them. Some of you may have been married for many years and familiarity may mean you no longer love anything about your life, yet once upon a time you probably thought you loved everything.

Without work and compromise, marriage is a mirage not a fairytale and we all know the fairytale always ends at the wedding. Don’t be fooled by the word love and make all the classic mistakes we make when we are desperate to be loved. Recognize to be happy and content with life, you have to love yourself first.

Venus Cow says, "Focus on duty, action and attitude when it comes to making a commitment to another human being rather than love itself."

Responsibility, loyalty and commitment are the three vital ingredients you need for a long lasting partnership, not lust, longing or huge infatuation.

Photo by: Tyler Nix Unsplash

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