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My Wishlist For 2014
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My Wishlist For 2014
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, December 28, 2013 / Categories: Shirley Speaks Out, On Life

My Wishlist For 2014

Revisited and Revised for 2021

Have you ever written an alternative Christmas gift list. It's a great exercise to stretch the mind, think outside the box and then to revisit and re evaluate 

Here's mine for 2014.

1. World peace is my top priority wish because without it all my other wishes are insignificant in comparison!

2. The Venus Cow PBL  perfect black leggings to sell worldwide because they are what I say they are and my customers love them enough to tell everyone else about them.

3. Having more time to work with free life coaching projects including the homeless and school life coaching workshops.

4. I wish the whole world would stop using consumerism to feed the empty hole inside that never fills up and always yearns for more comfort.

5. I wish the world would give up eating meat, plucking fur from rabbits for high street fashion jumpers, animal testing, bleach in the eyes of mice and parading around in fur coats.

6. Rizzle Kicks get the big break they deserve.

7. Kim and Kanye get some good taste and learn to live a life out of the spotlight.

8. The Daily Mail finally notice how amazing my story really is and help me with some free press.

9. David Cameron and all the council civil servants across the country enjoy a moment outside the bureaucracy  box

10. Father Christmas is exposed as a lie and the truth replaces the winter wonderland fairy-tale.


Updated October, 2020

1. No world peace yet.

2. Venus Cow has grown, the PBL goes from strength to strength and I have expanded the range

3. Corona virus has brought me time and many more people in need of my help.

4. Unfortunately in my experience people are still using consumerism to feel better and Amazon can do no wrong in the eyes of the majority, the cheaper and more convenient the better.

5. I became a vegan in 2020 and there is a definite positive shift towards meat free and cruelty free.

6. Rizzle Kicks - where are they now?

7. Kim and Kanye have their own problems just like everyone else.

8. The Daily Mail featured my story this year, yay.

9. Covid 19 has left us embroilled in bureaucracy, different leader, same issues.

10. Christmas is cancelled so I guess the truth has replaced the winter wonderland fairy-tale.


My Wishlist For 2021

1. World peace. 

2. End global poverty.

3. Clean water for all.

4. People living in harmony with nature.

5. End to wage theft for garment workers in Leicester and around the world.

Is it really too much to hope for? I believe not if we all change. What's on your alternative Christmas gift wishlist this year?

Photo by: Larm Rmah Unsplash

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