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Not Buying It
Venus Cow Admin / Thursday, September 23, 2010 / Categories: VC News, Truth About Style, Shirley Speaks Out

Not Buying It

In China this year millions of young people will undergo an operation to add creases to their eyelids - to help them get a job, be happy, or because it’s fashionable, a market worth a staggering HK$900 billion in 2019. "It's as easy as getting a haircut"  says Sharon Lu, a 23 year old college student  in Beijing, "Many of my friends have had the operation. It's a perfectly normal thing." quoted in The South Cina Morning Post

The world has gone mad when 9 year old boys want a six pack and teenage girls have to compete with air brushed images of what they think they need to look like to be somebody in life.

Cheryl Cole is a beautiful girl to look at but taker away the false lashes, hair extensions, air brushing, coloured contact lenses and the big fat bank balance covering her team of professionals, she is just another pretty girl next door who even though a talented dancer, dare I say, cannot really sing.

Advertising is there to hook you in to thinking if you buy your clothes from Littlewoods because Coleen Rooney tells you to, or Very because Holly Willoughby tells you to, they buy their clothes there, your world will suddenly be transformed into a lifestyle you dream about. The truth is Coleen Rooney nor Holly Willoughby would not be seen dead wearing anything from Littlewoods or Very, Colleen buys her gear at an exclusive boutique for wags called Cricket. And whenever Holly is papped it's more times than not in designer luxury most can only fantasize about. So what are we buying in to? Bright shiny images that lead to a fantasy world all with the sole purpose of separating you from your money, power and freedom.

No amount of new sofas, kitchens, bedrooms, boob jobs, botox, diets, lotions, potions or pills will change who you are, only you can do that by recognising you cannot buy a life at Harrods.

We are all unique yet the same, an oxymoron in reality. How can we be unique and the same? We all look unique but our right to be here and happy, accepted and embraced, warts and all is the same.

Photo by: Jezael Melgoza

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