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Celibacy And The Successful Woman
Venus Cow Admin / Monday, September 27, 2010 / Categories: Sex and Celibacy

Celibacy And The Successful Woman

Can a woman be beautiful, successful, have it all and be celibate? Right from the beginning we are conditioned as women to find the Prince and settle down when the slipper fits, leaving us a crusty old maid we if fail to get one. No wonder we end up miserable, depressed and trapped with Mr wrong doing the washing up, day dreaming of another life, pissed, on anti-depressants, contemplating an affair or suicide. Of course this is not every woman, some do enjoy being a stay at home chief cook and bottle washer, not exactly the dream but then the fairytale does always end at the wedding.

As I have said many times, sex is great if you have found the one and are happy with your lot but if you are always hanging out waiting for the one, only focused on randomly sleeping around, preoccupied by your biological clock ticking away and risking your health in order to feel complete, you are never going to be happy.

Is celibacy part of self actualization? in psychology, a concept regarding the process by which an individual reaches his or her full potential. Sex is a complex multi level driver and for me to completely master my mind on my journey to bliss, daily happiness and fulfillment I knew it was something I didn't have an immediate need of unlike food or water. After homelessness, I knew to think more than feel.

In a world where young girls are having unprotected sex with multiple partners, that in reality, could leave them not only feeling used and worthless but also infertile, a disaster if they do meet the man of their dreams, celibacy would make complete sense. When we give up sex we must not think about what we are losing but what we are gaining. Recognize we only ever attarct ourselves so by upping your game and taking personal development steps yourself will ultimately be attractive to the clever, together, disciplined person you are seeking as your life partner . Being happy, fullfilled, successful and working at what we love stops us always looking for someone else to sort it all out, leaving us free to be adored, admired and desired by the best of the opposite sex. 

Photo by: ErnAn Solozábal Unsplash

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