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Out Of Control Supermarkets Killing Their Customers?
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Out Of Control Supermarkets Killing Their Customers?
Venus Cow Admin / Monday, October 21, 2013 / Categories: Shirley Speaks Out, On Life

Out Of Control Supermarkets Killing Their Customers?

I was really shocked to read an article in the paper today about how the big supermarkets are throwing away much of the fresh fruit and salad they stock because it is past the sell by date, their customers prefering junk food. Many families are living on the breadline right now and have been forced to buy cheap food, not understanding what they are buying or how to control portion size because the supermarkets are producing bigger portions without telling the customer. The food portions people are eating today have doubled in size in the past two decades and the British Heart Foundation warn our supermarkets are out of control, putting their profits over their customers well-being.

As a life coach, I battle everyday to educate people that even the recommended 2000 calories for women and 2500 for men is still too much, especially if you are already overweight and do no exercise but with many in misery, food has become a comfort with sugar and salt content becoming highly addictive. There is a massive obesity problem happening globally, as more people turn to cheap processed supermarket quick fix comfort food, instead of cooking nutritious fresh food from scratch.

It has happened to even me on occasions when I have subliminally picked up unnecessary food items in the supermarket because I felt peckish or was in a hurry and I am really disciplined, so God help the weak and those who need educating. I am convinced everyone who is over eating right now is doing so because they are filling an empty void inside, that no matter how much they eat, never leaves them satisfied.

However it's easy to blame someone else. I believe we cannot put this growing problem for our society and National Health Service buckling under the strain, just down to bigger portion sizes or cheap addictive food in supermarkets. We have to understand why people feel permanently empty inside, turning to food and alcohol for comfort and maybe then we can begin to inspire people to have a reason to be healthy and want to live.

My hope after Coronavirus is we come to appreciate all we have, be inspired by other countries healthier lifestyles, start waking up early, eating fresh local food, exercising, being energised and productive individuals once again and ultimately start actually enjoying our lives much more.

And the next time you find yourself in the supermarket try and keep your browsing to around the outside and don't step your foot in the ready meal aisles and avoid the bumper bargain packs like the plague.

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