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Style: How To Have It All
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Style: How To Have It All
Venus Cow Admin / Monday, August 27, 2018 / Categories: Styling and Shopping Advice

Style: How To Have It All

The first thing you must do when taking a look at your style is explore how you shop and whether you are predominately a high street shopper, a recycled/vintage shopper, ebayer, charity shopper or lucky enough to shop premium brands it is likely when you look closely at this you'll discover we all tend to buy the same things over and over again, never really managing to pull off the million dollar "I've just thrown this look together in 10 seconds" styling perfection.

When you start dressing for your lifestyle and focusing on investing in what you wear everyday instead of spending all your fashion budget on special occasion wear, things you'll only wear once, you'll be on your way to looking and feeling amazing all the time instead of only when you can be bothered to make an effort.

Our simple styling formula works for women of any age who want to improve/exercise their style, look fresher and younger yet remain comfortable, chic and appropriate.



Styling is about creating an illusion. And it is the clothes and accessories that show off the woman not the other way around. Start noticing stylish people. Then try to identify why you think they look good. It is likely to be simplicity. Coco Chanel famously said "When you make your final check in the mirror, take one thing off." This is a good mantra to keep things simple when you first begin as it's easy to end up looking like a Christmas tree.

We have all fantasized about an unlimited spending spree in Selfridges for all those shiny aspirational must haves, the Birkin, the Madammoiselle, the Lady Dior, the Collier Chein Cuff but the reality is once it's out of the box and been worn once it's worth half the retail value so smart fashionistas always shop  designer pre loved and buy second hand whenever possible.



Styling is about creating a complete unique picture, every piece adding to the overall effect so stay away from bold printed, multi coloured tops, scarves and dresses as these kind of clothes are stand alone and unless they are extremely good quality, like a Hermes scarf tied around a bag, can leave you looking like everyone else. Keep your canvas simple and make statements with your accessories.



Our advise is to build a wardrobe of key timeless investment pieces you love, jackets, outerwear, sweaters, accessories, shoes, bags, buy one of the very best you can afford. Everyone needs one amazing little black dress, white shirt, one fabulous black jumper. Sacrifice your weekly shopping fix to save up for one incredible jacket with the mindset you will have it for life. A Balmain blazer may be a completely unrealistic goal even preloved but there are always options and the younger, healthier and more confident you are a really well cut, decent quality Balmain inspired jacket and a big smile is all you need to keep everyone guessing.



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Your clothes should make you feel good, they are part of how you present yourself, your personal brand and organising this side of your life will stand you in great stead. (If you haven't worn it in the last 3 years it's unlikely you are  going to so even if you cannot throw things away remove them from your working wardrobe and see if you miss them.) If the reason you haven't worn something is because you have nothing to go with it, start putting pieces together in groups so you know what goes with what.



Shopping recycled is great way to practise your styling on a budget, if you make a mistake it's not quite so brutal. If you have hangups about things being used or are embarrassed about shopping secondhand remember many of the top brands like Chanel make "Limited Edition" pieces, highly sort after and highly collectable, think about a work of art, a masterpiece or a piece of exquisite handmade furniture, it's beauty or value is not diminished because someone has enjoyed it before you. 



If you want your look to soar it's much more likely when you add something no one else will have, being fashion forward is about getting creative not following the pack because the truth is all "Fashion" is recycled from another time, something coming back only takes one brave trailblazer with good taste and a good eye, so start being a leader, step off the fast fashion treadmill and be curious and open to try something new.

Once you are feeling good about your pared down closet and have learned more about what suits your lifestyle, your body shape and how to create complete outfits, the way you shop will change and instead of buying something that takes your fancy on impulse you will have a clearer picture of the missing elements you need to bring a look to life when you venture out to the mall or begin to browse online.

Don't buy anything just because it's a bargain. A fabulous couture jacket, even on a budget is no use if it doesn't fit you, flatter your frame or show off the best part of you, even if you love it.


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Different shapes and cuts suit different people so working out what you look best in is a good place to start, (a cropped jacket will raise the waist & lengthen the leg, but can make hourglass figures look shapeless at best, at worse, fat) and learning what actually suits you comes from stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

You have likely discovered for yourself that a whole wardrobe of random tops is impossible to work with so by keeping all the basics in a single colour palette, black, adding a crop ankle grazer jean, a well fitting skinny jean (again we always reach for our favourite so get the right pair and you'll keep them forever, ) a leather legging, a logo T shirt you will start to build all the elements you need that in turn all work together.

Once you have the affordable luxury core it's easy to add beautiful preloved designer shoes, bags, jackets and jewellery, that key piece you want to pop.



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At Venus Cow we offer a fresh new approach to athleisure styling which always begins with our own affordable luxury collection, the perfect black leggings and our basic bra top and T shirt shapes, a luxury pair of pyjamas that can be styled up and down whatever the weather and for whatever you are doing but ensuring you are always comfortable, stylish and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you with confidence.

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