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Alcohol Tutorial

Drinking alcohol like any other addiction is lethal if you are trying to forget your misery because you have to be happy sober, to ever be a happy drunk

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Alcohol Tutorial
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Getting In The Spirit

I am and always will be capable of drinking a drunk under the table, after being brought up in poverty by a tough as old boots Glaswegian alcoholic mother and a workaholic father, so the subject matter today is right up my street and a subject I now teach others about. I have been pretty much tee total for the past 10 years, after a lifetime partying, boozing and generally living my life in the dangerous but fun filled choppy waters of the dark side, that was until I discovered how...

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Always Looking Forward To Or Getting Over....

Any of you who follow me will know how anti alcohol I am. This is not from a judgmental place but from a place of pure observation and personal experience. I am currently on a short break in Marbella after finding what I thought was a good deal on the Internet. I have been to Marbella many times and enjoyed many alcohol driven lunches and partying in the past but this trip has shown me something I have not seen before.

I am sitting by a pool at 10am in the...

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