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Alcohol Tutorial
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Life Coaching Tutorials, Do’s and Don’t

Alcohol Tutorial

It is almost impossible to judge objectively our own drinking patterns

Drinking alcohol like any other addiction is lethal if you are trying to forget your misery because you have to be happy sober, to ever be a happy drunk!

It is a fact that alcohol is addictive, contributes to weight gain and if abused over time, will kill you, yet it is sold everywhere without a cautionary warning to the unsuspecting purchaser. A couple of glasses of wine a day is over the health limit according to medical experts guidelines and overtime will damage your liver, an organ your body needs to keep you alive.

A couple of glasses of wine a day in terms of getting a buzz or bladdered is nothing because we all know it’s almost impossible to stop after just two, losing sight of the dangers in favour of the fix. We think a few drinks will give us that little lift of confidence, dutch courage, escapism or help us relax after a long hard day but true happiness cannot be found in any bottle, in any bar or supermarket.

So why do we drink too much, too often when we know it can kill us and never changes our situation, only our behaviour?

Blocking out your reality or your pain because that’s what getting drunk does, is going to keep you stuck in misery, bloated and potentially on your way to an early death. Alcoholics are people who rely on drink to help them operate daily, getting though life without having to contribute or participate. Drinking too much, too often will play havoc with your moods and will prevent you from attracting the things you desire most in to your life because how can anyone else get to know you, when you don’t know yourself, the drunk who spouts complete crap.

If you are a big drinker and your whole life revolves around your drinking habits, chances are you cannot imagine having a good time without it, yet most of the time we are too drunk to remember if we had a good time or not. Drinking to forget is pointless because you may be able to mask your pain to others but for you it’s just a big plaster covering an open void no amount of alcohol can ever fill.

It’s a familiar feeling, a hangover, leading to empty promises of “never again” so why do we keep on doing it?

It is almost impossible to judge our own drinking patterns because if it’s part of daily life, it becomes normal behaviour to get tipsy. Keeping a close eye on your drinking habits by writing a journal, detailing why you drink, when and how much, will give you a clear picture, allowing you to see what damage you are inflicting on your body and potentially those close around you.

Drinking too much will always make you a liar because when you drink it gives you false confidence, which translates into exaggeration and a second life where everything is the complete opposite to your reality, the life you wish you had. A celebration is something to be remembered, enjoyed and should last a lifetime, not be forgotten and lost in the haze of a monster hangover.


Photo by Adamophoto, courtesy of FreeRange


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