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How To Motivate Yourself Tutorial
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Life Coaching Tutorials

How To Motivate Yourself Tutorial

Winners never quit, because quitters never win

Getting motivated to do anything takes massive discipline because we only know what we know and fear what we don’t know, leaving us lethargic, lazy and stuck in the comfort of our all too familiar misery. Let desire motivate you, not paralyze you, because only you have the ability to lift your spirits and get your life moving towards your dreams and goals.

Having a teacher offering good advice will help you open the door but it is you who has to walk through it, so always remember confidence comes from not always being right, but never fearing being wrong. Everything in our dreams will come true if we are able to find the motivation and courage to pursue them and this comes from believing in ourselves never being influenced by others or our moods.

Many people often believe that motivation does not last, so this is why it is important to make it a daily thing you work on, something you take time out to practice until it eventually happens like boiling the kettle. If your mind can see it, then you can believe it and achieve it, so stop wasting time saying you cannot motivate yourself and see yourself as whatever you desire.

The biggest step you can ever take is to always live the life in your dreams, because when you work at what you love, you never work again. If you spend your life going to the same job, get there on the same bus, with the same negative attitude, chances are you will always be closed off to change and stuck in misery. Change the pattern and motivate yourself to do something new, like walk to work or smile at people on route or even look for a new job and never be tempted to quit if you fail at first.

"Winners never quit, because quitters never win."

You are the only one who can make a difference in your life, so begin to accept this and learn to practice action. You do this by recognising, moaning and complaining will never motivate your mind, body or soul. If you are a fat couch potato and desperately need to stop stuffing food in your mouth, get motivated to have a health check. Maybe if the doctor tells you, you are slowly killing yourself, you might just do something about changing. If you are desperate to exercise but just cannot motivate yourself, you have to find a better reason to do it, than the reason why you cannot do it, like wanting to be fit, slim and healthy more than eating chips everyday.

How do we motivate ourselves when we just don’t feel like it? Start of by going to your journal and setting yourself a big goal and learn to think more positively about things, like your abilities and strengths needed to achieve this goal and break down the steps, taking the smallest one first. Every journey begins with one single step and once you get moving again, success will keep you motivated to move on to the next step, until you finally reach the end.

Think outside the box and make every second count because you only get one life, so make it the best life it can be, regardless of all those negative excuses you have gathered in order to prevent you taking a massive leap of faith.

The first step to motivating yourself, if you truly have never been able to achieve anything, is to take action, so switch off the telly. Having a lack of focus, "You don’t know what you desire, so how can you get it?" is keeping you stuck with what you know. Lack of confidence, "You can’t do it, so no point in trying" is simple to overcome by just believing you can try anything you want. Having no direction, not knowing what to do, is silly because you only get good at something with practice.

We always focus on taking our strengths for granted and often dwell on our failures, why we give up trying and believe we are useless, when in fact the truth is, if you have achieved one thing, you can achieve anything. You just need a confidence boost. A lack of direction will always stop you being motivated, so without setting dreams and goals, regardless how unattainable they are, you can never win. Your life is a movie and you are the director!

Set yourself some simple tasks in your journal by making a “to do” list, including things like cleaning the car or clearing out your closet. Then everyday set about completing each one, until you have cleared the list. This will immediately make you feel empowered and motivate you to try bigger and more life changing tasks, like running one mile or giving up smoking. Anything is possible if you have the mindset and creating the mindset comes from being grateful for your life. So stop wasting it, wishing you were someone else and get to know the real you and what you are capable of.

Fear is stopping a lot of overweight people moving forward and they are just incapacitated by it now, not recognizing those who conquer fear, also conquer failure at the same time. Finding "focus” and “developing direction” is all you need to get started. It’s really hard getting motivated when you’re not sure what the goal is. Also, once the goal is clearly defined, developing clearly and defining the steps necessary to get you there is crucial. Basically, it’s having a clear picture of what you want and a step by step plan how to get you there.

The critical factor in getting motivated is ACTION! Not delaying, doing something right now that creates momentum. It's like putting on your exercise shoes to do some exercise. Once the shoes are on, it's easy to get going and then all you need is the gut-wrenching, burning passion that drives you to succeed in whatever it is you have set out to do. The thoughts that you have will help you do whatever it takes to be successful at your job, lose the weight, or make money.


Photo by Jill Wellington/Pixabay


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