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Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: For Older women


Here are some fantastic ways to turn back the clock

Venus Cow says, "Age is just a number."

Do you have a fat tummy? Are you bloated? Are your hormones all over the shop? Do you feel tired? Old? Unsexy? Irritable? Do you lie about your age? Do you hate getting older?As women of a certain age, our bodies change and begin to let us down, leaving us feeling fat, frumpy and forgotten by the world.

 "Chin up, there are things you can do."

Exercise and dieting are just not enough to keep you healthy and trim after 40 and that is a fact. We have to do so much more but what’s new, we are used to hard work, right?

Food intolerance is a big factor when it comes to bloating in middle age so keeping a food journal is essential to see what makes your tummy swell and what doesn’t. We cannot eat the same way we did when we were young because our metabolism is changing and slowing down, so it is vital to monitor how your body reacts to food and drink.

Ageing for women plays a big role and reduces the body’s ability to adapt to too much alcohol, in other words it goes to your head much quicker and we are not able to consume as much as we did when we were young.

The goal of an antiaging mentality is to help increase your lifespan as well as help make you feel vibrant, happy and full of life again, improving your wellbeing, your attitude, your stress levels and your health in general. Its time to get emotionally strong in order to tackle the climb back to becoming the young desirable girl lost inside buried under years of personal neglect.

Male dominated and male led cultures don't help the plight of older women, pretty much barred from the boardroom and often fired or divorced in favour of younger and prettier it's easy to see why women resign themselves to doudy and depressed over a certain age but it doesn't have to be that way.

Once again we have to do the hard work to see the results especially as we get older because with hard work comes everything you desire.

Here are some fantastic ways to turn back the clock.

  1. Work your body daily. Yoga and pilates are both designed to stretch and limber your body, building strength and flexibility keeping you feeling loose and youthful.
  2. Stay alert and keep thinking. Like our biceps, regularly exercising mental muscles can help us stay healthy over time.
  3. Don’t have your hair cut short, it is so ageing.
  4. Get plenty of sleep and this means no alcohol or food after 7pm, lots of exercise and some camomile tea before bed.
  5. Eat one avocado a day.
  6. Use a daily moisturiser with minimum spf 30. (doesn't have to be expensive)

Go to your phone and select a picture of what you look like today and then begin to take care, really good care, of yourself for a month by taking some time for yourself. Take another photo in just 30 days and compare the two. The results will help keep you positive, motivated and always desirable.


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo


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