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Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Life Coaching, Mental Health, Personal Development


How can I sort out my mind's lies?

If you want to be happy this is how you start. Stick only with the truth. My best advice when it comes to lying to others is until your are self aware enough to know you are doing it, stop talking.

Lying to yourself, what goes on in your mind is a whole different story and to sort that out takes daily meditation.

It is a good exercise on its own to just ask yourself why do you do the things you do. I'd hazard a guess you don't really know, have not really thought about it. That's what most people tell me when I ask the question in my free lifecoaching sessions. Now think about sheep who follow each other nowhere except to death.

Our ego makes up our persona in our minds, you know that fabulous together person who never lies and is always thinking of others we portray to the outside world. There is a downside. Pretending to be someone you are not to please others leaves you feeling like a stranger to yourself.

Venus Cow says “If you want to be happy, lying is forbidden particularly to yourself.”

Once you have sorted out in your head nothing solid can be built on a lie, think about it, anything that is put out into the universe that's untrue whom ever tries to build on that untruth thinking it is true is not going to get the right outcome. The reason we all feel so hurt and let down when we discover we've been lied to.

The best thing to do when you have told a lie to someone else is ask yourself,

"Why did I do wrong, knowingly?"

The truth is you did it because you can.  At least your ego thinks you can. If you are able to face yourself and really think about this you will immediately feel bad and uncomfortable. As you get to know your soul self you realise how stupid you were to ever think in this simple and immature way. Once you get to the stage you can confess a lie and humbly laugh about your behaviour with other people it's unlikely you'll ever feel the need lie again. And this is crucial, not feeling the need to lie. i.e. no fear, no shame, no guilt.

So to eradicate lying from your life ask yourself the following questions daily to use later as a reference the next time you find yourself creating a docu-story (lying)

Have I made fun of a good person?

Have I been lazy?

Have I been angry, selfish, sulky and unforgiving?

Have I been jealous?

Have I made someone else do something wrong?

Have I stolen?

Have I told a lie?

Venus Cow says "Telling the truth means never having to remember."

If you are connected to the fact your heart is in charge you will automatically feel sorry when you do something wrong. When your conscience is troubled you don’t have “peace of mind” you have a chaotic mind. Facing your truth and changing your behaviour, the patterns, the rubbish, the lies, will pay off in the end. If we truly want to be happy, we have to look inwards and not outwards.

One lie leads to another lie until none of it makes sense. Logically continuity and consistency is the key to any success. When people know where they stand with you because you are consistent, reliable and trustworthy doors will open to things that will immediately change your life. These are the miracles, the helping hands that come from nowhere when you least expect them. But you only get the miracles when you do the work.

Getting a handle on unconscious behavior patterns is critical to stop us consciously believing our own lies and acting them out to others.

Venus Cow says, "Stop listening to the little voice inside until you can tell yourself the honest truth. Take action now and start believing in yourself."

Like most things in life, like attracts like. If you are used to exaggerating, embellishing, showing off, the only people you will impress is the people who do this too, the liars. Lies are extremely transparent to people who work with the truth.

It is time to stop deluding yourself into thinking you are accomplishing your daily goals when in fact you have just become too comfortable and complacent.

The worst lies we can ever tell are to ourselves, so don’t do it anymore. If you are over eating and being a pig, go to your journal and put up a picture of a pig. Now give it a name, your name and everyday work as hard as you can to tell yourself the truth about why you are unable to see yourself as something else.

It's not an easy path facing your old lying self. Eventually if you can stay the course, the truth WILL set you free, teach you to fly and lands you in a serene and peaceful place where the truth no longer hurts but empowers your change and most importantly you feel happy from the inside out.

Photo by: sebastiaan stam

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