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Turn Back The Clock Clothes
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: For Older women

Turn Back The Clock Clothes

Forget mutton dressed as lamb, embrace your maturity.

Age defying celebrities like Helen Mirran, Demi Moore, Sophia Loren, all know how to dress young for their age without looking like mutton.

Age defiance in middle age is about dressing for your shape and size, rather than dressing like a 20-year-old. Over forty the hardest thing to do is to look at yourself and realistically see what you look like in certain clothes.  As we age we rarely see ourselves as we actually are.  Add life pressure like work, kids, relationships into the equation and for many women dressing to impress simply takes a back seat to other priorities until we wake up one day and wonder where she (the fabulous fashionista you used to be) went. 

We must never dress to please others, only to please ourselves, so if you feel good in what you wear and you are only showing off the good bits, then you have got your style right. If figure hugging dresses suit you then wear them, if your legs aren't great then don't wear a short skirt; this applies at any age and is just common sense. It's OK to raid your teenagers wardrobe if it fits and it covers. It's not a good idea to show off your arms in a skimpy sleeveless dress if have massive bat wings to hide and a volumptuous bosom popping out of fabric triangles held together with a bit of string. All this will do is draw attention to the bits you hate and make you feel even less confident.

The golden rule to look younger is "either or". Don’t show too much leg if you have your boobs out on show. Don’t wear a skin-tight dress if you have a big muffin. Avoid no tights and a mini skirt if your knees are wrinkly. And definitely don’t wear a mini skirt if you have tree trunk legs. We've all walked into a room and immediately realised we are wearing the wrong thing, too dressy or not dressy enough so establishing a dress code before you turn up anywhere puts you ahead of the game.

Looking fantastic in our clothes is not really about age, more aesthetics. Being comfortable with your body is critical for good styling and something little and black always looks amazing on anyone any age. The main key to looking younger in clothes is to understand what you wore at 20, you don't wear at 40, what you wore at 30, you don't wear at fifty. You have to change your style as you mature but of course you can use elements of younger looks, like a bomber jacket restyled in a different way. The trick for older women interested in looking younger is to cover up the age dead giveaways like, armpits and upper arms, cleavage (unless your decollete is exceptional) and knees, oh and stay in shape. Once you've let it all go bodywise you will immediately look older.

Inside all of us is a healthy person desperate to get out, so nurture the thin within to keep you looking young and stylish."

Photo by: Leslie Jones

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