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War What Is It Good For?
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War What Is It Good For?
Venus Cow Admin / Friday, October 8, 2010 / Categories: Shirley Speaks Out, On Life

War What Is It Good For?

Absolutely nothing.

There is no way to peace, peace is the way. Sometimes we must fight for what is right but it is possible to stand up and be counted in a peaceful way.

Religion causes war and like money is the root of all evil. In our world as we know it religion divides us, thinking independently unites us. When we think outside the box, we can find no sense in believing in a white man in the sky with a beard, handing out miracles to the masses who clearly do not deserve them. We can find no sense in the euphoria believed by fanatical suicide bombers who imagine being rewarded by seventy two virgins in the afterlife. We can feel nothing but contempt and anger for those catholic priests who pretend to practise celibacy but pose a real threat to children. We coil in horror at the thought of someone being beheaded by a zealot who disagrees with their life choices.

Tolerance does not mean accepting all views as true, which in reality would be impossible because it is hard to accept views that differ from our own. An eye for an eye and we are all blind. Common sense tells us the only reason to go to war is in self defence not because certain religious groups believe that their viewpoint is the correct one. How is it possible that every religious sect or faction has the skinny on the path to salvation? Common sense tells us even with faith they cannot all be correct.

The universe was not created by any specific God perse but by the laws of physics and in reality is a very scary place in its self with 10 mile wide meteorites and radioactive gasses lurking to zap us all, when it chooses. We are so lucky to inhabit the only known planet in the universe where all the right elements work together to support life, in order to give us the perfect place to exist in harmony with each other. We should be spending all our waking time discovering ways to preserve the miracle of human life, not destroying it for personal gain. 

"Non-violence is a power which can be wielded equally by all - children, young men and women or grown-up people, provided they have a living faith in the God of Love and have therefore equal love for all mankind. When non-violence is accepted as the law of life, it must pervade the whole being and not be applied to isolated acts." 
Gandhi, Harijan, 5 September 1936

Photo by: Max Kleinen Unsplash

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