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Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: My Budget, LA Body


Yoga is a great way to burn calories

Want to shift some weight to look great just like Heidi Klum or Uma Thurman? Daily Yoga practice is free and is their top tip for looking and feeling at your best.

Venus Cow says, "A calm mind and body in unison creates greater impact."

Yoga will help bring a state of balance into your life and can be practised at any age. A cool and calm mind is envied by all. You are much more effective as it enhances your memory, lowers your blood pressure and allows you to think clearly. Stimulating blood circulation improves the functioning of your body. Every muscle gets stretched to its maximum potential.

A good yoga session will help tighten the abdominal muscles resulting in terrific toning of your tummy. It strengthens your back muscles and core giving you a perfect posture and your biceps and triceps become defined and toned; that Hollywood body.

Yoga is a great way to burn calories at the same time tone, adding extra height to your frame. Sagging muscle tissue will no longer drive you crazy as you tighten your face and neck becoming a positive and fabulous human being again.

And the absolute beauty of yoga is any one of any age can do it. It's a practise so you do as much or as little as you like. And it doesn't matter if you're as stiff as a board when you start after a few weeks you'll feel like a pro. I started with just breathing exercises and built up over time. I have suffered with sciatica and doing just 5 planks every morning and holding each one for 10 seconds over 12 months has built up my core strength, improved my posture and completely aleviated the problem.

Venus Cow says, "If money is tight pick up a DIY yoga DVD at the car boot, take out a beginners book from the local library or watch an expert on You Tube. Feel mentality and physically youthful again and get that body you've always dreamed off."

Photo by: bady abbas Unsplash

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