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Batwing SOS
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Daily Routine, Exercise, LA Body, Free Tips That Work

Batwing SOS

Ready to banish your batwings?

Women over forty in Hollywood never bat an eyelid when wearing a sleeveless dress, you will only see batwings flapping on a Dracula movie set.

However across the pond in the UK, the horror reality is women over forty are still relying on Grandma's cardi to cover up flabby upper arms.

Having learnt to battle batwings over the years, there is a rather simple, effective, daily routine anyone can do to tone and sculpt arms and the best news of all, it is completely free.

Now it may be free but we did not say it would be easy. So be prepared to do some work in order to see amazing results in just six months. Are you ready?

Stand straight and reach out your arms to the side in line with your shoulders. Rotate your hands and arms forward until your palms are facing upwards. Keeping your shoulders down and your arms at a right angle with your body, raise them up and down, fifty times or until you are in so much agony you know it is working. It's a simple exercise anyone can do. the key to any long term success is little and often. Do this everyday until those batwings go away.

Photo by: simon frederick Unsplash

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