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Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Relationships, Wellbeing


Common Sense tells us you have to be in it to win it

Looking for a date?

Venus Cow says “You cannot look for love, you can only attract it.”

If you are sitting at home alone, waiting for someone to phone but in the back of your mind you know the phone won’t ring, you don’t know anybody,

  • Common Sense tells us you have to be in it to win it.

We have all at some point contemplated looking for love, asked friends to set us up or physically gone out with the sole purpose of looking for a date or hooking up with someone.

The sad thing for most of us is when we get so lonely we just cannot stand it anymore we create a second life in order to attract a mate, make us more interesting, desirable, attractive. It happens for many married men who find themselves not brave enough to leave but desire something new and exciting to get them through it.

Internet dating is the perfect place to create your second life allowing you to design your perfect profile leaving out all the baggage and rough edges. This kind of dating may produce many admirers and late night texts but without truth and chemistry you are unlikely to find Mr. Right.

The dating app is a millenial invention where you swipe left or right to indicate to the possible suitor a thumbs up or thumbs down, having never tried Tinder myself I am not an expert but I have heard enough horror stories from young and old alike of catfish, people pretending to be something they are not to put anyone off for life.

Maybe you have considered getting yourself a toy boy from a tropical island for a little sexercise a couple of times a year and why not, you are as young as the man you feel or so they say.

The truth is though when the plane leaves another lovely lady arrives. Tropical toy boys are experts at making middle aged women feel fantastic because the more fantastic you feel the more likely they are to get you to invest in a jet ski business.

Falling in love with the idea of being in love is what we are fed from day one, the prince will come, the slipper will fit and before we know it we look like a giant meringue.

Venus cow says “Remember there’s a reason the fairytale always ends at the wedding.”

So as far as dating goes it is hit and miss but one thing is for sure, if you are living and loving your life, chances are you’ll bump into him or her in the supermarket when you least expect it.

Photo by: Roberto Nickson Unsplash

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