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Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: My Life, Life Coaching, Mental Health


The biggest cause of depression is stress.

So not only do we feel low but we will also see weight gain, making us lose interest in everything that is naturally pleasurable replacing it with comfort. Ie The big fat “cream cake” again.

Doing less of what you think you enjoy never seems like good thing because in reality, life in general is tough for most of us, no money, even less time, no point. Particularly now when recession depression is hitting us hard.

Our circumstances and the way we think about them are usually the cause of depression.

So what are the symptoms of depression?

Hormone imbalance for women in middle age can play havoc with our feelings leaving us down for days on end. Feeling sad is a downward spiral of sleepless nights, feeling exhausted when we wake, anxious, worried and crying for no reason. The key is to recognise wrong thinking. How we respond to things, how we explain things to ourselves. Change the way you think about things in a given moment and you will change the way you feel, turning negative thoughts into positive ones. Our thoughts and feelings are interconnected so the next time you feel the sinking feeling coming over you, monitor it and write it down. When you are able to catch that negative thought, it does take time, stop and immediately replace it with something positive tell yourself what I am feeling is a symptom not the cause.

Venus Cow says “Think of Niagara Falls and not going over.”

The best ways to beat depression are; get out into the light, sunshine, it will automatically lift your mood. Eat healthy food, fruit is perfect, graze don’t gorge.

Exercise by going for a long country walk and pretend to be someone else. Forget about everything except being free, alive, grateful and happy. Slow down your mind, body and soul and focus on whatever you can find that makes you feel positive. It might be a sheep giving birth. Find appreciation in beauty and the incredible power of nature. Sometimes everyday life can grind us into the ground so make a change even if it is small it will make such a huge difference in the way you feel about yourself. Coping with depression starts with changing your mind about your depression, accepting it and allowing it to flow over and through you.

Our thoughts are very powerful in helping us create unnecessary chaos inside which can lead to deep unhappiness and pressure. Learn to meditate and find the silence within to get in touch with our true being, the person who has not been damaged by everyday living and stress. Become more of an observer in your everyday life, watch, listen, don’t judge, just look for the good in others and forgive the bad in yourself.

Venus Cow says, "Go to your journal and write a poem about what you think would make you happy. Learn to discover you will only ever be happy because you have conquered yourself and the world.

Photo by: Sydney Sims Unsplash

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