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Do I Need Plastic Surgery? Checklist
Venus Cow Admin / Thursday, October 30, 2014 / Categories: Shirley Speaks Out, On Life, Beauty

Do I Need Plastic Surgery? Checklist

Today I was reading a blog post from a top relationship expert which truly made my blood boil. It seems now that you should blame yourself if your partner has wandering eyes because unless you invest in a nip and tuck here and there when over 40, chances are your man will cheat on you. I say what a load of rubbish. Men cheat mostly because they can. If all women stuck together, believed in themselves and dismissed the fairytale as being the only solution to a happy ever after ending, men would have no choice but to be loyal and faithful, once pinned down.

There are only a few valid reasons why any one with established core values would consider cosmetic surgery and it should be because you need it and not because you want it. More people die under anaesthetic than you could imagine so why would anyone risk their life for vanity?

Ask yourself the question, "Do I need cosmetic surgery?" It is possible if you have obsessed over or focused too much on one area of your physical appearance your perception of reality is skewed.

Go over my check list below and if you have none of the problems listed, there is no real reason for you to waste your money on how you look.

1. Being disfigured by acid thrown in the face or on the body

2. Breast cancer

3. Cleft palate

4. Birth defect or deformity

5. Burn victim

6. Loose skin

7. Pronounced or grotesque facial features or disfigurement    


I say No to Botox, fillers, bum or breast implants and Yes to learning to love what you have because beauty comes from within and if any man cheats on you, it’s because he was not right for you in the first place. It is important to understand changing your face does not change who you are inside, it just leaves you looking like someone who has had plastic surgery.

I have always found if you give amazing eye contact, smile and love yourself more than you love the idea of love, the opposite sex will flock around you like bees round a honey pot, especially if you manage to keep your knickers on.

Photo by: Austrian National Library

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