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Easier Said Than Done
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Easier Said Than Done
Venus Cow Admin / Friday, February 1, 2019 / Categories: Life Coaching, Shirley In The Press

Easier Said Than Done

How well did you stick to your New Year Resolutions?

This month in Beacon Magazine, Leicestershire's Premier Lifestyle Magazine, Shirley shares her wise counsel on the "New Year Resolution" and gives tips on how changing your thinking can ensure a very happy new year.

"So, as we say goodbye to another year, it's time to take some time to reflect, remember and renew all the promises, ideas and resolutions we made at the start of the new year. Did you successfully give up drinking for the month of January to help detox your body? Did you give up smoking for longer than a few days? Did you pack in the boring job you hate in order to discover your dream? Or were our resolutions all hot air and mince pie dreams?"

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Photo by: Pablo Heimplatz Unsplash

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