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Essential Christmas Shopping Must Haves
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Essential Christmas Shopping Must Haves
Venus Cow Admin / Friday, November 7, 2014 / Categories: On A Budget, Shirley Speaks Out

Essential Christmas Shopping Must Haves

So, as you may have gathered by now I am not a big believer in spending an expensive three month build up, in temptation paradise, to one day that is pretty much over in a flash once you finally stop, sit down to relax and actually enjoy it. Why, why, why do people do it? When I had all the money in the world and could buy whatever I wanted whenever I liked, my Christmas shopping experience was a breeze and the recipients of my extravagant gifts I thought would love me forever but most of us end up going into debt, in order to just get through it.

In controlled indulgence, (having what you want mindfully) Christmas time is a little tricky to manage because those tasty, childhood Christmas memory foods, like pickled onions, puff pastry, mince pies and Quality Street in oversized two for one tins, are placed strategically by every checkout in every shop and supermarket.

I know if I buy anything tasty right now connected to a one day food feast on the 25th December, it will be scoffed and replaced more times than my waistline can manage, so I practice controlled indulgence.

Write yourself a list of five good things you will do over the Christmas period that include giving, not taking.  (and try to make it not about money) You could volunteer and offer the gift of your time or work for a charity for a couple of days being productive helping those less fortunate. Cut down on your compulsive needs to shop, overeat and consume alcohol this year and just enjoy a relaxing time to think about life and how you can make New Year resolutions you can stick to and really benefit from.

Being thankful you are not worse off, there is always someone who is and grateful for your health is an essential part of what makes us truly happy because when we feel good inside, we radiate positive vibes that others can see, feel and learn from, which in turn creates a much more sustainable productive world. I know it is hard to go against the grain particularly at Christmas and stop the pattern behaviours you have actually come to dread every year, if you are honest but in reality doing the same thing over and over is boring, so a change in thinking for one year might just be what you need to actually enjoy a break.

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