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Legging It To Winter
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Legging It To Winter
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, August 24, 2013 / Categories: Styling and Shopping Advice

Legging It To Winter

I love the autumn and winter when it comes to my style and fashion choices. Now in my mid-60's I always cover my age by choosing black staples like three quarter length sleeve T shirts, longer in the body and perfect black good quality leggings. My favourite winter outfit has not changed for years because when you find what works, you no longer have to waste time worrying about how you look. This everyday outfit consists of a soft black leather jacket, black Venus Cow T shirt, my PBL perfect black leggings and either a pair of amazing sneakers, ankle boots with a low heel or long black flat leather riding boots.

Age is just a number and wearing what you like, once you have got it right, is the key to creating a unique younger style, always simple, chic and perfect to glam up or dress down. I could never find good quality Made in England affordable staples on the High street, unlike my perfect black leggings, and clothes these days look and feel cheap to me, even compared to H and M and Topshop 15 years ago, everything today is too see through, baggy and gives me a muffin top. (and that's not even addressing the unethical manufacturing and slave labour practises going on)

My PBL perfect black leggings are made in the UK from the highest quality cotton carefully knitted in the UK with some elastane to give support and stretch with a comfortable, cool feel. They are dense with no see through, no bagging and no muffin top and the unique fabric gives any body shape a boost, looking and feeling one size slimmer. I am confident you will love the PBL and never take them off. 

I designed them for my own winter wardrobe. when I started out with a £300 grant from the leicester job centre in 2001 I may have lost my fortune but I was used to wearing only the best. Now almost 10 years later my amazing band of VC Angels, my loyal customers have shown me I am not alone.

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