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Create Your Own Heaven

Create Your Own Heaven

There is a lot to be said for having those days when no one wants you, needs you or is bothered about you in any way, just complete peace and quiet, alone and happy. On these rare days I usually end up using the time to catch up with myself, my family and my domestic chores, the bit I hate most. However it does not take much persuading to have me convinced, usually by talking myself out of cleaning the loo and the kitchen floor, that a day to do absolutely nothing but relax, sounds bloody marvelous. So today I decided to have one of these days and I must say by 5pm I was so chilled out, it felt like I was in heaven, assuming heaven to be a fictional place where things don't get any better.

I had a slow leisurely healthy breakfast in my kitchen with the sun and warm air to make me feel almost tropical and lazy with fresh juice peppermint tea and scrambled eggs (pre vegan days) and mushrooms, perfect! I left the washing up in the sink and went out on to my small, well sheltered patio, to relax on a lounger and read a good book,something helpful, insightful and spiritual, Carl Jung On The Nature of The Psyche.

Every time I pick up a book, the hours fly by and I end up knowing and understanding more about myself. I must always remember Jung is considered the first modern psychologist to state that the human psyche is "by nature religious" and to explore it in depth. I take this to mean religious in practise, i.e. my psyche is "happy and evolving" when I work on myself not in blind faith taught in a church, temple, mosque or other holy setting. Today with Jung I explored the heaven I am interested in creating, a place of peace, quiet, truth and learning. Now I will wash up and reenter the human world and put in to practice what I have learned today.

Self actualization is defined in psychology as a concept regarding the process by which an individual reaches their full potential. I have made it my mission in life, if I do nothing else, to work towards maximising my full potential every day, my purpose, to make a great contribution while I am here on earth.

Getting the oppotunity to spend time alone is the one thing I am the most grateful for these days. It takes work on your mind to take this time and actually maximise it when it comes. How good are any of us at truly relaxing and switching off for a little while? We can always think of something important that needs doing but ask yourself if these essential jobs and chores are actually essential or simply a distraction. No one will ever remember you for how clean your house was and even the self actualised life coach sometimes needs a mentor.

Photo by: Mick Haupt Unsplash

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