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A Healthy Mind and A Perfect Body Go Hand In Hand
Venus Cow Admin / Tuesday, July 23, 2013 / Categories: Life Coaching, LA Body

A Healthy Mind and A Perfect Body Go Hand In Hand

Developing your mindset is the only skill you need to become an expert in anything, meditation, yoga, losing weight, keeping it off and unleashing your thin within. It is a fact that no matter how many personal trainers we hire or how many times we enthusiastically embark on a new diet fad, often we will miserably fail to resist some comfort temptation along the way that undo all the good intention. Successfully satisfying the appetite of that which fills the hole in your soul, takes most of us at some point down to the depths of despair, especially when it comes to how we see ourselves for real.

In reality if there was no television, no glossy magazines, no air brushing or photo shopping, no pressure and no worries, how we feel about ourselves would be very different. it is this place you have to be in order to work out the perfect sustainable mindset you need to achieve a life changing transformation from within.

Listening to your body is a skill. And your mind must be open and operating to hear yourself communicate. If you clog yourself up with rubbish food you are likely so used to being uncomfortable, gassy, bloated you don't even notice how much pain you are actually in. When you practise meditation and focus all your energy and attention on physical renewal through your breathing practice you will, over time, start to hear your body telling you what it needs in a completely new way and your desire to over eat will evaporate, you'll be more concerned about giving yourself exactly what you need.

If your body is working in tip top condition because you love life, love yourself and food is only fuel not indulgent comfort, anyone can discover the perfect beauty within by eating clean foods, when hungry. Clean food for those who have no idea, means avoiding processed and refined foods and basing your diet on whole or plant based foods.

Lack of confidence can keep many women stuck inside a fat frumpy and forgotten body, desperate, lonely and forever turning to food and alcohol for comfort. Changing bad habits and pattern behavior into something new, is not easy because we only know what we know and for most that is not very much.

If we are reluctant to change because all the odds seem to be against us and to change would mean having to admit we have choices but are choosing to be stuck in denial, we will always miss the life we desire and deserve. The first step towards a healthy mindset is all about you and what you think, regardless what anyone else tells you.

What you think you want must be satisfied by what you know you need and once you understand this one simple step, the rest of the routine comes naturally.

Photo by: Wesley Tingey

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