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Posh Look For Less
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Style Tips, Budget style

Posh Look For Less

Every designers dream is to create something so stylish it goes beyond fashion and becomes a classic, the Gucci shoe, the Burberry trench coat, the Hermes scarf, the Victoria Beckham dress. Creating a timeless fashion piece is only half the battle. It is what comes next that counts, the attention to detail that render these pieces as desirable today as they were the year they were created, the buttons, the trim, the buckle, the logo, the fabric. A chanel jacket can knock you back a thousand pounds and if you have money to burn it will be a fantastic investment. Back in the real world if like most, you are styling on a budget; you need to know how to

Get the Chanel look for less.

First you have to do some homework and search around the charity shops, thrift stores and vintage outlets to source an old Chanel suit that has seen better days. Take the buttons off the jacket and carefully remove the label. Check in your closet and find a little black jacket, we've all got at least one and replace the old buttons with the Chanel buttons. Sew in the Chanel label transforming old to new. It may not be the real McCoy but who will know except you and Coco herself.

Pure silk, beautiful prints in oversize squares is the Hermes signature but when your scarf is tied around your bag or used as a bandana to protect your hair colour from the sun no one sees the actual branding. Choose well from an antique stall, charity shop or jumble sale and you'll have everyone guessing, is it or isn't it, the place every stylish chick wants to be.

Photo by: Flaunter Unsplash

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