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Will Life Be The Death Of Us?
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Will Life Be The Death Of Us?
Venus Cow Admin / Sunday, October 10, 2010 / Categories: Shirley Speaks Out, On Life, Poetry, Quotes & Inspiration

Will Life Be The Death Of Us?

Death comes to us all as we cling on to the fear, of a time that doesn't exist, when we are no longer here.

Life, this precious gift perfectly engineered to work like any other miracle of nature, fails miserably when we humanise and question its creator.

To create life we have to find a mate, then breed, evolving our purpose from the fertilised seed but it all goes wrong when it comes to man, greedily destroying nature whenever he can.

For whatever reason we are here, we are here and whatever created us, did so without fear. The Universe is vast with a devastating purpose becoming more clear, its not death but human extinction, we all need to fear.

Death is all part and parcel of living, so to fear it is pointless when you think outside the box. We die when life as we know it ends and the connection between mind and body finishes, so to try and imagine external existence in the flesh, is impossible. People love life yet spend their time destroying it by filling its engine with the wrong fuel IE sugar, salt, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and fat. Many of us believe in life after death but where is the evidence?

In Hindu culture we come back as a cow or a cockroach, depending how good we have been in life. The West believe we come back as people, in order to reassure others left behind, all is good on the other side and Mormons believe we come back as Gods. So is there a light at the end of the tunnel? The truth is there is no evidence to support life after death, its a gift to be cherished, taken care of and enjoyed by all those lucky enough to be given it.

Photo by: Ali Pazani Unsplash

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