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A More Positive Attitude For 2020
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A More Positive Attitude For 2020
Venus Cow Admin / Tuesday, January 7, 2014 / Categories: Life Coaching, Coping Strategies

A More Positive Attitude For 2020

This year has been full of ups and downs, so it is important to have tools at your disposal to deal with whatever comes your way, like Corona Virus and be able with confidence to use these tools to trigger negative thoughts and actions into the positive. Most of us have so much trouble doing this, always feeling great in the moment and then back to beating yourself up when you don’t feel good but in reality there is nothing we can do that will guarantee we feel good at any moment, so learning acceptance is something that can help us no matter what situation arises.

Being an optimistic positive thinker is not about ignoring your reality in favour of aspirational thoughts or instant fixes in the moment, it is about taking a proactive approach to your life and being in control of your actions. Instead of always feeling hopeless, overwhelmed or defeated when things go wrong or look bleak, some positive thinking allows you to tackle life's challenges by looking for effective ways to resolve internal conflict and come up with new solutions to your old problems. The weight you are desperate to shift but the cakes you cannot resist to reach your goal of being slimmer, we all know the cakes must go and be replaced by some exercise or a carrot.

It won't be easy to change your old patterns, we all only ever know what we know, until we learn something new but the positive impact this commitment to change will have on your mental, emotional, and physical state will be worth it. It takes dedicated practice to change the way you think, so never expect the hard work you do on yourself to work instantly, that would be way too easy. You must commit time alone every day. This is not a step-by-step process that you can complete then be done with, instead it involves a lifelong commitment from you to yourself, to take a look deep inside and be willing to challenge negative thoughts then make the positive changes needed for success.

It takes a lot of hard work pretending to be positive when inside we know, it won't take much before a small problem creeps up on us and dumps all over the positive attitude we started out with, so stop faking it and begin feeling it. There will never any gain without enduring some pain but with dedicated practise you will see results in time. Like anything when you change everything else around you does too, that's life.

Photo by: Alexis Fauvet Unsplash

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