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Address The Mess
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Wardrobes and Closets

Address The Mess

and feel better than 2 hours hot yoga

Have you ever found yourself staring hopelessly into your closet in absolute despair because no matter how hard you try, you never have anything to wear?

It's not the closet's fault.

It's time to address your mess and sort out your wardrobe.

If you can muster up the energy to begin this job, you'll feel better than two hours hot yoga when you're done.

Your clothes are not just about what you have but also how you hang, store, launder and take care of them. One thing about more expensive clothes in general, I know not everyone can afford new, me included but no one throws even twenty hand Chanel on the floor or the bottom of the wardrobe. It's a fact if you value something more you take better care of it. One reason why as a stylist I always recommend buying the very best you can afford, preloved or recycled if necessary, better for you better for the planet.

Investing in some extra storage boxes will save you time and money in the long run.

The best place to find storage boxes, if money is tight, is the local charity shop, yard sale or car boot. Big plastic buckets can also be picked up new quite inexpensively at places like Walmart, Target in the US and Homebase in the UK.

Wooden hangers are much better than wire ones. Over time they will help keep your clothes in good shape and also can be found recycled in second hand stores. Fashion boutiques and dry cleaners have excess hangers so worth asking around before investing in new. Lots of businesses closing their doors at the moment so no better time than now to find things recycled and help people out while you're at it. You will extend the life of shoes and boots if you put shoe trees in them and storing knitwear properly in the summer is essential is you don't want it full of holes by the time the winter rolls around. I put mine in old cotton pillow cases to keep the moths away and at bay.

Recycle or swap anything that does not fit you or suit you, be brutal and make some space to declutter and reorganize what you are left with. A nice idea is to offer your friends first dibs on what's going begging (if you can afford it) and maybe ask them to make a donation to charity. Anything that is left over, snap a picture, download an app like Vinted or Depop and sell what you don't wear for free.

Then once you've made some room give your closet a sort out and your clothes a much needed makeover by putting them into complete outfits with bags, shoes and accessories. In need of some styling inspiration before you start. We're on hand to help.

Store your summer clothes in winter and the other way round in summer in your new storage boxes. Having less out at any one time makes it much easier to see what you've got and more likely you'll be inspired wear something different. A regular sort out when the weather gets warmer also alerts you to things you may have forgotten about.

If you are unlucky enough to own some cashmere the moths have attacked, too good to toss away, a budget lifestyle top tip to get some extra life of those sweaters is send them to Kate Holbrook at Turtle Doves and she'll repurpose your cashmere for you, or recycle your cashmere, all by hand.

As a stylist the key is knowing what you have, what goes with what and where to find it so when it comes to your closet, less is more.

Photo by: Christian Fregnan Unsplash

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